About Us

Hello and welcome to BeMompreneur.com !

I’m Aisha, I’m a wife, mother, and entrepreneur that helps moms start a business, to manage their time, and explore their creative sides. and as a hardworking mom with no time to myself I decided to setup this blog and share my thoughts tips, ideas with you. I love horses, dogs, and cats, and I love to hunt.

As a mom I know your time is precious. Every moment you spend building your business (or learning how to build your business) is time spent away from your family. My aim is to make every one of those minutes count….to give you the necessary tools, information and strategies necessary to build your business in the least amount of time possible.

Welcome to the premiere site for Internet Marketing and online business building information specifically for busy moms.

feel free to get in touch with me though my contact form or email: info@bemompreneur.com

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