7 Ways to Use Online Video to Grow Your Business.

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7 Ways to Promote Your Small Business Using Video

7 Ways to Use Online Video to Grow Your Business:- It’s hard to miss the fact that more and more online marketers are using video to promote their products. If you are wondering how you use video to differentiate yourself from your competitor here are several ideas to get you started. Not only can you use video to connect with new customers taking sales to a higher level, but video can reduce trouble calls into the help desk and give you insight as to how your customers use the product or service.

Video Marketing

1) On-Page Call To Action

Place your promotional video next to an Opt-in form. In your video tell folks what they are going to get by sharing their email (in the form next to your video). At the end of the video remind them to sign up now before they leave the page and miss out on getting their free gadget, eReport or online mini-course.

2) Buy It Now!

Insert a Paypal or Buy-it-now button next to your video. Again, at the end of your video, remind your viewer to click the buy button before they leave the page and miss out on your great offer.

3) Product Demonstrations

Promote your products or service by actually showing the viewer how it works. Demonstrate exactly how they will benefit (stop the pain, sweat off fat, clear the complexion, wipe up gobs of cat urine…) when they purchase this product from you. Be sure you show exactly why buying from you is better than buying a similar product or service from the other guy.

4) Personal Introductions

On your About Us page use online video to present an overview of your company. Introduce your key players and let them have a few sound bytes to share background stories, special experiences or talents to your viewers. Does your business have a mascot like a goat, cat, horse, parrot or another beloved animal? Get the critter out in front of your audience using video clips.

5) Investor Relations

If your company just implemented new tools or processes to make work safer or more efficient thereby reducing costs share that with the viewer. If possible, show a before and after video highlighting the improvements you made to save your customers money. Use the same concept to show stockholders how you are protecting their assets.

6) Press Releases

Instead of using only written Press Release material publish your press releases to papers, online PR distribution sites and put it on your website press release page. Be sure to include a link back to your PR webpage in the content you submit to the online PR sites. Never miss out on an opportunity for a backlink to your website.

7) Training

You can also present training videos to your employees. Build team spirit and challenge employees to create videos on how they became the overnight expert doing a task that others need to do. This is a great way to discover who the folks are that are self-motivated and leaders too.

Now you may be thinking these are all great ways to leverage online videos to grow your business, but you are wondering how to prevent those videos from being viewed by the wrong people. There may be training videos that you want your employees to access, but not the general public. This is where you need to choose a hosting platform that provides rock-solid security.

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