A Cool Way to Grow Your Audience On Pinterest

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I’m going to jump right in and talk about engaging your audience on Pinterest because this is an area that I haven’t taken the time to learn about before. However, I have learned some things over the past few weeks to implement on Pinterest to make the experience worthwhile and of course, bring in more traffic to my blog.

So, as we know, the purpose of Pinterest is to allow people to “pin” images they find interesting on the web or upload their own to their boards.

I have to say, I didn’t know Pinterest was as powerful as it is. This social network makes it easy for anyone to organize collections, share ideas and even product pictures (great for affiliates also), so that people can find and share them with others who follow them.

Here’s what I’ve come across:

You can do a few different things to engage your audience, and I’ll be trying some of these myself. One thing you can do is launch a Pinterest contest. People seem to love contests and it’s proven to be a great way to get traffic. Running a pinning contest will give you an outlet to promote your pins, boards and especially your business to many people.

Here are some types of contests you can run on Pinterest:

“Pin it to Win it,”
“Best Photo Contest”
“Re-pin/Like Contest.”

But first, you should think about the end goal of your contest and what type you’re going to run.

Some things to ask yourself:

1. Is this a good fit for my business?
2. Will this help raise brand awareness and engage consumers?
3. What type of prizes will I give away?
4. How long will I run the contest?

You just want to have a good idea of what results you would like to achieve by running the contest in the first place. You’ll be able to prepare properly and be effective.

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty and look at a few different types of contests:

  1. “Pin To Win” Contest

This is where you have the contestants create a board specifically for the contest. On this board, you will instruct them to pin images related to the theme.
These images can be photos of your products or images or whatever is related to a certain theme topic. (You have to have a theme topic btw).
And the winner is…..the most creative board.

Note: As new regulations have emerged, you can’t actually call your contest “Pin to Win”. You have to instead call it “(your brand name here) Pinterest Contest.”

  1. A “Photo” Contest

In this contest, your contestants will pin images of themselves using your products in a creative way. Then you will have other people such as your site visitors and other pinner’s vote on the most creative images. The most creative one will be the winner. This sounds like a great contest for engaging and having fun.

  1. “Re-pin” Contest

Contestants are asked to repin images and write descriptions using specific hashtags. This is the type of contest that can help boost the virality of your pins by utilizing the ‘repin’ feature as a way to enter. It can also be the most effective in building brand awareness, because the winner will obviously be the follower who repins the most. Now I will say that I recently heard that Pinterest is looking at hashtags as being spammy, but I’m not sure if this info is concrete. But one hashtag might be ok.

  1. “Comment” Contest

This might just be the most simple type of contest on Pinterest. The contestants are asked to leave comment on pins they like. You can have them include the hashtag or answer a question and the most detailed comment wins. This one is quick, easy and anyone can enter. Also, it generates a lot of interest.

Here are a few quick tips for the road, and of course… success:

  • When preparing for your contest, make sure your rules are clear and easy to follow.
  • Make sure you include a start and end date for your contest (you definitely don’t want to leave this out).
  • Do your very best to keep tabs on every phase of your contest. You have to watch people like a hawk to everyone is doing what they are supposed to and not breaking the rules.
  • Think about a prize that your contestants will really want to work for to get that win.
  • Consider giving first place, second place and consolation prizes to your finalists.
  • Make the process simple. You don’t want a whole lot of “stuff” like lengthy forms or mail-ins to enter. This will surely turn people away.
  • Let people have the freedom to be creative with the contest and they will appreciate it more. And let them pin like crazy without minimum requirements.
  • Before you start any contest on social media, you want to make sure that you are complying with your state’s rules and regulations.

Now, if you think running a contest on Pinterest will be good for your business, but you’re not quite sure where to start you can always look around and spy on some contests from other Pinterest users. The best way to learn is to see what other people are doing successfully.

TIP: Try searching for: “Pinterest contest”

So, as you can see, Pinterest can surely help promote brand awareness, create buzz and attract more customers, so hosting a contest might not be a bad idea. What are your thoughts on having a Pinterest contest? I’d love to hear your feedback

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