The Role and Importance of Instagram Marketing in SEO

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The Role and Importance of Instagram Marketing in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

When you are a mom business owner, it is essential for you to be focused on Twitter and Facebook. It is crucial for you also to include Instagram for your business so that you can attract targeted audience to your business. Michael A. Stelzner created a report that revealed that 85% of internet marketers said that when it came to the use of social media, it helped them to increase their business by at least 69% as it generated traffic and helped them widen their business exposure. This is proof that social media plays a vital role when it comes to the generation of traffic and sales.

According to a report issued by Forbes, Instagram has about 90 million users every month. There are about 40 million images that are posted on Instagram daily. These images and photos receive several comments and like every minute. Instagram has been very popular when it comes to photo sharing as it helps people to share their lives with the aid of images. Those businesses that value search engine optimization were fast to realize the potential of Instagram and this mostly helped them to reap benefits.

Businesses that use Instagram daily post photos and images of their goods so that people are educated about their existing goods and the new products that are released in the market. They also inform and educate people when it comes to their forthcoming promos and other offers for their customers. Some businesses share photographs about their social activities and other events. This largely helps them to develop the reputation of their company and enhance their public image. Some companies attract more followers for Instagram when they hold photo contests and keep their targeted audience engaged.

Easy tips to improve search engine optimization with Instagram

The following are some simple tips via which you can improve search engine optimization via Instagram-

  1. Post photos and images of your company and goods on a regular basis- This helps you to establish brand awareness and organizational presence in the market. It helps you to boost the interest of the customer and trigger sales. It is during this process that you are improving the page ranks of your website on search engines.
  2. Make smart use of hashtags for increasing your followers- When you wish to increase the number of your followers, it is crucial for you to make wise use of hashtags. They increase the brand exposure of your business.

Search engine optimization and Instagram

If you use search engine optimization for your business, using Instagram is a wise and prudent choice. It helps you to add value to Google who recognizes your website and places it high in search engine ranks. The moment you embrace Instagram for your business, you are sending a positive message to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Besides the above, you can affiliate your profile with the website of your business via links and hashtags.

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