10 ideas for moms who want to start their own business

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We know how difficult and rewarding it is to be a mother. We also know that many women end up giving up their careers to raise their children in the best possible way. But if you still want to be enterprising and at the same time take care of your children (mompreneur), this post is perfect for you! Here are 10 ideas for moms who want to get started.

Many women dream of being a mother, but sometimes they end up delaying this desire for fear of having to give up their careers. Others are already mothers, but are afraid to give up motherhood and entrust their children to others and, as a result, are unable to carry out their professional life.

Regardless of your profile as a woman, know that if you are already a mother or want to be one, you will not have to choose between a career and children. It is possible to reconcile these two vocations and do whatever you like best.

It is precise with women like you, the entrepreneurial moms, in mind that we made this post. Here we are going to present 10 ideas for moms who want to be entrepreneurial but do not want to give up motherhood.

How to choose a niche

The first step you need to take as a mompreneur is to find out who you want to reach; in other words, what market niche you’re looking to fill.

Observe the people around you. What do you think is needed to help them resolve the small constraints that seem to hinder their daily lives?

Thinking about the needs of those in your social circle is a great way to start getting ideas about your future areas of focus.

But, in addition, it is also important to think about yourself. What are the subjects that are close to your heart? Would you have skills that would allow you to do something different from other people?

If you already have some expertise, it will be easier to think about content and strategies to create a business that can generate revenue and bring added value to those who will buy products or services from you.

Finally, you can also research the Facebook groups you participate in to find out what people are missing and then start investing in that niche. In this way, you will undertake in such a way as to offer something that is missing to the people around you, but also by meeting the expectations of a wider audience, hitherto unimaginable.

The key to choosing your audience is to clearly define who you want to reach with your new business to produce content that is truly interesting to your persona. (In the digital marketplace, the term “persona” indicates the ideal customer for your business. To learn more about this term and to learn how to create your persona click here).

Ideas for moms to start as a mompreneur

Now that you have already gone over the paths that can help you define what your field of intervention will be, we are going to present you with some interesting ideas for an entrepreneurial mother.

We know there are many different paths to follow, but we’ve selected 10 options so you can start thinking about your first steps.

  1. Maternity Council

The first trick we’ve selected for you is related to the board. We have thought about this area because we know that you, as a mother, have lived and still have daily experience with your child/children and, as a result, have already discovered what can work and what is not suitable for specific situations.

So what do you think about becoming an entrepreneurial mother and giving advice to other women, especially young mothers, so that they can better understand everyday situations related to motherhood?

You can make the most of all your knowledge, giving tips for pregnant women and for the post-delivery period, as well as for the first days of the newborn. And this is not an area restricted to mothers with very small children. If you have a teenage son or even an adult daughter, you can contribute information about all phases of your children.

Of course, each child is different from the others and acts in a unique way. But don’t you think other mothers would like to hear your stories and know that they are not the only ones who have to deal with certain situations involving children?

Sharing your knowledge as a mother can help other women understand the difficulties, as well as the moments of joy they will have in this new stage of their lives.

  1. Writing and proofreading of texts

This area may seem exclusively suitable for people with editorial experience. However, it is important to know once and for all that being a good writer or proofreader requires only motivation and practice.

If you have experience with writing texts, it will be even easier to get started in this field. But in case you don’t have any previous knowledge and want to take the first steps, various online courses can help you to enter the structure of a text. Little by little, after a little practice and a lot of reading and study, you will realize that it is perfectly possible to write about different subjects.

What is interesting in this area is the possibility of being an entrepreneurial mother without leaving home. You can create a blog and write about different topics (including advice for moms, as we suggested in the first point of this post) or propose your texts to other blogs that need content.

Creativity is what counts here. So, if you have an innovative idea or like to research a variety of topics, this is a great way to (re)start.

  1. Videomaker or photographer

When motherhood arrives, you become professional photographers and videomakers at the same time.

Have you ever realized how many pictures we take and how many videos we make of everything our kids do? Why don’t you turn this passion for children into a profession?

The only possible obstacle in this area is the imperative need to invest in a professional camera and lenses. But if you don’t have the money yet, you can start working in video and photo editing, an activity that can take place at home, and after earning money from these projects, you can buy your equipment.

In the beginning, you can take pictures of the people around you and, little by little, get some practice in the field of photography. Then, with more experience, promote your work. And to become an expert, you can take courses on photo and video techniques, so you’ll be even more prepared to operate in this market.

  1. Children’s Health

Most mothers have great concerns about their children’s health, and here we are not just talking about colds, flu, allergies or any other illness. Chances are you’re concerned about food and anything else that involves the healthy growth of your children.

With that in mind, what do you think about intervening in the area of children’s health?

For example, you can set up a healthy food home delivery service to help mothers who don’t have time to prepare meals every day. Or, if you have training or experience in physical education, you can organize a football team for the children to practice physical activity.

There are many ways to help other women with their children’s health. Just think about what you are doing to keep your children healthy and sell these products or services to other mothers.

  1. Beauty and aesthetics

If you know how to do your hair and make-up, master manicure, or skincare, you can be an entrepreneurial mom in this field.

It is possible to create a beauty studio even in an unused room of your home. This way, you will stay close to your children and in addition, you will be able to carry out a profitable activity.

If you wish to create a workshop, it is also possible to provide service at the clients’ homes. The important thing is to explain to clients that your children will have to accompany you, if necessary.

  1. Individual Courses

Your children are already at school, and you’re the one helping them with homework? This is another excellent area of intervention!

Many mothers, especially those who work outside the home, do not have the time to accompany their children’s studies and schoolwork. Then you can help them and make money at the same time.

Organize a small space in your home and offer your services so that the children can stay there in the morning or afternoon and do their homework. Even your children will benefit, as they will spend a few hours studying with other children who are different from their usual school environment and will be able to devote more time to their studies.

If you are or have been a teacher, you may also be able to offer tutoring to students who are struggling in a subject that you know well. This type of service, as well as services related to beauty and aesthetics, can be offered at home, in case you don’t want to teach at home.

  1. Digital Content Producer

Working on the Internet is something that has appealed to a lot of people, mainly because of the possibility of working from home and therefore staying closer to one’s family. For this reason, it is an excellent option for mums, as you can start and also stay close to your children.

A very popular option is that of Digital Content Producer, a person who produces online training courses on any subject that is well mastered. A little example:

Suppose you are an excellent piano teacher, but you can’t get the desired number of students because of a lack of time. The good idea is to create an online video course to teach from the first steps to the most advanced techniques to those who want to learn how to play this instrument. This way, several people will be able to buy your course and learn what you have to teach them, without the need for face-to-face instruction.

For this type of strategy, what you need is to master the subject, record your courses, making them available on an EAD platform, promote and sell them. If you have doubts about sales and are not sure how to do it, there are people who can do it for you, Affiliates, our number 8 idea for entrepreneurial mothers.

  1. Affiliate

As you may suspect, after reading point 7, Affiliates are people who promote and sell products or services on behalf of others (read more about Affiliates in this post).

If you have already been a salesperson or have skills in this area, this is a good option to generate income. You can sign up for affiliate programs and ask to promote a product that you identify with or that you feel can be sold well.

So, even if you don’t have an idea how to create an online course, there is the option of working on the Internet and simultaneously spending more time with your family, selling products/services to other people and earning commissions.

  1. Small repairs

We all have a favorite piece of clothing that we wear so frequently that it needs a little repair. Or we need a small repair to adjust a pair of pants or a skirt.

If you also have these kinds of everyday problems, you know how good it is to have a neighbor seamstress for these small repairs. So what if you were that seamstress yourself?

It is a type of service that can be set up very well at home. All you need is a small piece to place your sewing machine and perform the services.

Some people have a natural gift and know how to do these small repairs very well. But if you have not yet mastered this art, there is always the possibility to learn and start to undertake in this segment.

  1. Crafts

Our last piece of advice is for you, an entrepreneurial mother, who has a natural talent for the arts.

Are you good at painting, embroidery, knitting, or any other type of craft?

Don’t hide your gifts. Start by producing items and then look for stores to sell them, or open your own. But in case you don’t want to work with physical stores, there is also the possibility to have your e-commerce, which is a virtual store where you display photos of your products for sale and carry out commercial transactions via the Internet. As soon as the person has completed the purchase, you will only have to send the product to them.

If you don’t want to sell your products, there is still the option of giving courses, either online or face-to-face, and teach others how to make the same types of crafts you produce.


In this post, we have presented 10 ideas for moms to help you continue doing what you love: being a mother and an entrepreneur simultaneously. If you have come this far, you must have noticed that it is perfectly possible to reconcile these two careers, just by understanding what your field of intervention is and your target audience.

As we said at the beginning of this post, there are various market segment options that you can choose from to intervene. And within these areas, there are still sub-domains, also called micro-niches, which are very specific and have a more conclusive appeal to a more conclusive audience.

Did you appreciate the advice? Leave a comment below!

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