Easy Tricks How to Make Money with Your Website.

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How to make money with your website without waiting for years? Not a few bloggers who feel frustrated because the blog he made did not also make money, although it has been updated regularly for up to a year more. Many also bloggers who eventually despaired because his blog that has been optimized never get a visitor alias visitor.

If you want to know how to make your website make money quickly, some practical steps below may be useful to you, or at least provide inspiration to make money immediately.

1. Choose Seasonal Keywords

Seasonal keywords are keywords that apply only to certain seasons, such as before Christmas, during the winter, and so on. These types of keywords are generally easier to pursue because they are not lasting keywords. Even seasonal keywords are often not followed by hot trends, especially in premium countries, such as the United States (US), UK (UK), and Canada (CA). Use www.google.com/trends/ to see trends that existed in the last 7 days.

Once you find the trend, you need to find the appropriate keywords in Google Keyword Planner. You can directly use existing keywords or combine with hot trends to find longer keywords (long-tail). Long-tail keywords are generally lower in competition levels.

2. Create Unique and Challenging Posts

Once you get some potent seasonal keywords, the next step is to make it easy to post on your blog. Give the article a title that combines some of those seasonal keywords. But the title should also contain things that attract attention or stimulate to read, such as the existence of controversial or contested elements. Unique and somewhat ‘queer’ article titles are generally more successful at grabbing visitors than mediocre ones and are a way of making blogs quickly deliver the results you want.

While the content does not forget to place the targeted keywords at least at the beginning of the sentence and the end of the sentence. Also, create bold, italic, and underline your seasonal keywords.

3. Do Optimization on Articles

After the article posted, do the optimization on the article, such as by disseminating in various social media, enter in social bookmarking, and search for quality backlinks. Off-page optimization is a way to make blogs quickly make money is quite effective.

Build SEO Backlink, Things to Do After Creating a Blog

One of the things done after creating your website to make money is to build SEO backlinks to improve blog performance. But building this backlink must be done together with other optimizations that have been done on-page, namely the template and blog itself. Without any unity and unity with other optimizations, then the backlink you build will require the cost, energy, and time is much larger.

Many ways to build strong backlinks. But in the era of Google’s increasingly malignant algorithm, build backlinks should be done in stages to impress natural. Here are some things that are done after creating a blog to get a solid backlink.

1. Submit to Blog and RSS Directories. Blog directory or RSS directory in addition to disseminating the existence of new blog you just created, also to build backlink diversity. Google is very easy to detect against the origin of backlinks and very sensitive to spam backlinks. Therefore you need to do it not all at once.

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2. Submit to Social Media Website. Spread blogs and content on various social media are currently being noticed by Google. The more you submit to social media will provide an excellent effect to improve the performance of your blog. For this social media, at least you submit to google plus, Facebook, and Twitter. If your blog image is very interesting or kind of blog wallpaper, Pinterest is also very good for strengthening backlinks as well as bring in traffic.

3. Build a Blog Dummy. Many webmasters use dummy blogs as one of the main weapons in building strong backlinks. Even with dummy blogs only, if the level of keyword competition is not too heavy, will quickly lift the targeted keyword to the first page of Google search results. About the technique of building a blog dummy, maybe you can search on Google because it has a lot to discuss. But that must be considered in building a dummy is the article used also must be unique and not duplicate content.

Whatever dummy you make, but if you use article copy and paste will not give a meaningful effect. And the thing done after creating a dummy blog is to create a link to your blog homepage. So that is how to make money with your website easily and quickly.

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