Commenting: 7 Simple Steps to Writing Comments that Rock!

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Blog commenting is important. Did you  You know it????

Authority blogs rely on it, and the gurus teach you that you should do it to help establish yourself as an expert.

And so like a good soldier, you visit one of the many blogs you intend on commenting on, you read the post, head down to the comment box, and then you freeze.

With physical pain swirling in your belly, you write something that you think is good enough. Then you read it, re-read it and think, “oh my gosh, that’s really stupid” or “Maybe I should say something different.”

Other times you write the equivalent of a dissertation attempting to cover all of the bases of the article…for what?

Frustrated with the entire process and what is turning into a time sink for you slow down your commenting efforts and, in some cases, completely stop.

And that’s what happens to most business people trying to establish themselves through blogging…they give up.

But it doesn’t have to happen to you.

You Don’t Have Experience Commenting Like an Expert, Yet

One way to establish yourself online as an expert is by leaving comments on authority blogs that give value to the author and adds to the conversation. The challenge many newbies have is learning how to leave expert level comments that get noticed.

When you take the time to read over the comments of these people that are building large audiences, you will see brilliant comments that lead to other comments. I mean, reading the comments of industry experts is like eating a spoonful of wisdom with each and every sentence.

Commenting on other people’s blogs is key to forming relationships and a key to proving that you have been listening and engaging in a particular blog.

You are Missing a Quick and Easy Comment Creation Strategy

Some people are commenting ninjas with the ability to post on five or more blogs each day. I’m not talking about wimpy, “I really like your blog post” type of comments but rather short but meaty comments that bring value to the conversation.

These commenting ninjas are not succeeding by accident but rather knocking it out of the park by being on purpose. In other words, they have a plan that they are using to make commenting on an effective and efficient strategy in growing their following and building relationships.

It’s the process the gives them the power as commenting ninjas, and it’s the power that you need to harness.

The Solution: Use a Comment Template to Look Like a Super Star

One way to shine and give expert level comments on a consistent basis is to use a commenting process that captures your organic responses and provides you with a template for leaving hot content.

Organic responses you allow your real voice to shine through in your comments. While the comment template gives you the structure to pretty paint by numbers a terrific comment at will.

All you have to do is pick out one particular point out of the post that catches your attention, and the rest falls into place.

To help you along, I’m giving you a seven-step process that should help you master the art of leaving great comments.

seven-Steps to Creating Comments that Rock!

Once you have found a blog post that you want to comment on, simply follow the following six steps to create a comment that rocks. Now the key to commenting on multiple blogs in a timely manner is to read each blog once and take notes along the way.

So let’s get started.

1.   Pick the blog post: that you are going to comment on.

2.   Write down questions as they come in mind: 

as you read through the different blog questions may pop into your mind. You will want to make sure that you jot down the question that you have. Please don’t spend any time thinking about it. Simply write down the question and keep going.

3.   Write down color commentary:  

everything from snarky remarks, meaningful insights, songs, poems, experiences, and more may come to mind. Jot these down as well. You are going to need them later.

4.   Identify the one thing you are going to talk about: 

The goal of commenting is just that commenting, not breaking down a blog post sentence by sentence. So, in order to make your comments as focused and powerful as possible, you will want to pick one specific aspect of the post to comment on.

5.   Open with a sentence that references the post author or commenter by name:  

There are two ways to leave comments, either direct to the author or in response to someone else’s comment. Because of this, it is essential that in most cases you reference whom you are addressing by name.

6.   Write a Five Finger Paragraph: 

Do you remember grade school? It’s time to take that great training and apply it to commenting on blogs. Here’s how the five finger paragraph breaks down.

1. Sentence 1 is a statement about the one thing you’ve decided to comment on.

2. Sentences 2 – 4 are statements that support the first sentence.

3. Sentence 5 restates the 1st sentence.

7. End the comment with a question that invites more discussion.

Here’s an example of what a blog comment looks like when this process is followed.

That’s it! That’s all you have to do to begin giving comments like the experts.

I’d love to hear what you think about leaving blog comments.

Specifically, I want to know two things:

“How often do you comment on other people’s blogs?” and “How do you choose the blogs that you are going to comment on?”

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