Get Simple Google SEO Starter Guide Best Practices.

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   Does Google SEO starter guide is easy for best practices? Actually how to make a lot of visitors blog quite easy. How is easy? How could it be easy if the SEO masters just have trouble? Maybe so you who are curious to ask. Yes, easy, just buy a blog that is already a lot of visitors.

Sorry, it’s just a prologue so this article read a lot. Indeed, if you have a lot of money, then the issue of traffic or visitors is not a difficult thing. In addition to buying a ready-made blog and have lots of traffic, with enough money you can also maintain its dominance as a site with lots of visitors or traffic.

But the problem of traffic is certainly not solely related to money. As much as any capital you have but if you do not know the effective way in bringing pengunjjung of course also not easy. Not a few large websites that have to menyahkankan money up to hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars to make the site much visited. See more build your own website quality.


Logical On Google SEO Guide

How to create a lot of blog visitors actually need to be understood based on Google SEO starter guide and Google algorithm logic. So why should Google? The large number of visitors on a blog to see the amount of traffic on the blog. Traffic origin can indeed come from many sources, the important thing people know the URL address of the blog so it can be visited.


In order for a blog URL known to many people, it can be done by doing promotions and large-scale campaigns, either through online media or through offline media. The other way to get lots of traffic is to struggle for the targeted keyword to occupy the first page of the search results. In this case the search engine becomes the main media to search for a blog desired by internet users.


Well, talk about search engines may be said that the search engine world has been dominated by Google. Even with that dominance, every time there is a Google algorithm change it always has a tremendous impact. From the Penguin era, Dinosaurs to Hummingbird millions of blogs have been affected and fallen down. Not even a few websites of large companies that have spent a lot of capital for promotion also affected.

Therefore to win the competition in occupying the first page of search results, do effective SEO techniques. This is a way to make a lot of visitors blog that is quite easy, cheap, and very effective.


5 Steps of Blog Created by Google SEO Best Practices


What are the steps of Google SEO best practices to make a blog optimized properly? Actually there are many ways to do the optimization for the performance of your blog or website and able to occupy a good ranking. But to be more focused, the discussion is more focused on optimization blogs blogspot or blogger. And this material is more aimed at the beginner who is studying the blog.

Blogspot is a blog platform created by By default Google’s blog is very far from the optimization so we are the bloggers who need to do the optimization to be better. Well, here are 5 lists to make a blog optimized well and how to do on page seo optimization.


1. Set the title and description section on the Basic menu. How, login to your blogspot and open the Settings menu, then select the Basic menu. Fill in the Title and Description section with sentences containing keywords. Title length should be no more than 65 characters, while for the description section a maximum of 170 characters. The length of the important letters is noticed because Google does limit the number of characters in indexing a blog.


2. Make sure on the Privacy section listed ‘Listed on Blogger. Search engines’ accessible for your blog to be indexed in search engines. For other parts of this menu leave it by default.


3. On the Post menu and Comments, fill in the number of posts that will appear in the home no more than 10 posts. I myself usually set this menu with a total of 7 posts. And make sure you allow any comments from visitors to your blog.


4. On the Search Preferences menu, fill in the Meta Tag description section with your blog keyword. If your blog is about how to learn a blog, you can fill in the phrase ‘Blog on how to create a blog, how to optimize website and so on that you can enter all your blog keywords.


5. On the More menu you also need to set up your blog feed or RSS by selecting the ‘short description’ option and avoiding selecting the ‘full description’ option. This is important so that visitors who get kriiman feed from your post, if interested then they will visit your blog. If you choose full description, visitors may not need to visit your blog so this will hurt you.

That’s the Google SEO starter guide and Google SEO best practices to make your blog more optimized to be more Google friendly and able to compete with other blogs in winning keywords targeted.

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