Beginner’s Guide to Write A Smart Blog Post

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In one of my infographics , I dissected the anatomy of a great blog post. In continuation to that post, today we will delve deeper into writing a perfect, killer blog post.

In blogging, writing is your weapon. Unless you are video blogging, writing is the main medium to share your knowledge/expertise with others. Writing a killer blog post is crucial to your blog’s success.

I have always maintained an important point for my blogs which is ‘to solve a problem’. My blog posts always emphasize on helping my readers to build a writing career online and this is the tip which has helped me to grow my blog throughout these years. And there is something I need to share with you right away.

Here is what I do before I start writing a blog post.

I ask the following question. Always.

Will this blog post help my readers to be better writers?

I will tell you why.

First, it puts me in my readers’ shoes and helps me to create content which is easily readable. Second, it helps me to fulfill my agenda of helping thousands of wannabe writers just like me.

Now, why I am telling you about all this? Cause, this is the ultimate writing guide to write blog posts so that you write the perfect blog post, every time.

Beginner’s Guide to Write A Smart Blog Post

For the ease of understanding, let us divide this ultimate guide to write a blog post in three parts. In the first part, we will discuss the audience for whom you are writing. In the second part, we will discuss the parts of a killer blog post and in the last part; we will discuss how your writing needs to be SEOptimised.

*Alert: Long post ahead. If you really want to become a successful blogger, scroll down till the end.

Here we go!

Beginner’s Guide to Write Blog Post: Know Your Audience

As I have mentioned earlier, knowing your audience is necessary for blog’s success. We all write for our readers, right? We feel elated when people read, comment and share our content. But will people come to read a blog post which does not interest them?


People always look for fresh, evergreen and helpful contents. We always search contents online which solve our ‘problems’, right?

For example, whenever I face ‘writer’s block’, I search for solutions to break it. I search for contents online which will help me to be back in action and writing awesome contents for you people. In this case, someone who has a blog dedicated to productivity tips for writers is writing and offering awesome ideas to keep the creative juices flowing. That particular blogger knows that her audience is having a problem with writing and she is writing to solve the writer’s block problem regularly.

Knowing your audience will help you to create relevant contents which are informative and helpful. It will increase your authority as a blogger and people will look up to you to know more about the topic.

  • Now, how to know your audience?

Well, knowing your audience is little critical and you have to put all your attention here to get through the process. It is critical, but not hard.

Here are the steps to know your audience before you write a blog.

1. Always encourage readers to leave comments. Readers’ comments are the best place to know your audience’s minds. If they leave any query, answer them and try as much as possible to answer it in plain language. Encourage further comments and note down any suggestions they offer.

2. Share your blog posts on social media. Analyse the response. Every social media offers analytics of every post you share on it. Read the insights and note down what age group prefers your writings and what are their interests. Write them down and analyze what areas of interests collide with your blog’s topic. Concentrate more on such topics.

3. Search the best blogs in your niche/topic. Comment regularly on their blog posts. Invoke discussion and discuss what they think about any particular area of your topic.

4. Join bloggers’ networking platforms. Join any forum which allows discussion on blogging. Start conversations on your area of topics and see how people interact. Be respectful to each other and note down what people expect in any particular field.

5. Join Facebook groups related to your blog’s topics. Facebook groups are gold mines for information on your audience’s minds. As lots of people get involved in different conversations, these groups offer good insights of what your ideal audience needs.
So, till now you must have known how to know your audience. So, what are we waiting for? Let us know what is the best template to write an amazing blog post.

Beginner’s Guide to Write a Blog Post: Parts of a Killer Blog Post

The main parts of a blog post are:

• Attractive headline/title
• Introductory paragraph
• Introductory image
• Main body
• Pinnable image
• Sub headings
• Conclusion

  • Start with a catchy and attractive blog headline/title

Let’s start with an example. There are two blog posts with two headlines.

# 1: 5 amazing tips to grow oranges at home
# 2: why oranges are good for your garden?

Now, let us assume the Person A is looking for tips to grow oranges in his kitchen garden. He is looking for tips online and stumbles upon both the headlines. So, which headline will attract him? Definitely, the first one because the headline is quite clear about what the blog post is offering rather than offering a vague idea of what the second blog post is offering.

Your headline/title must give a clear, precise idea of what the blog post has to offer. It needs to be crispy and eye catching so that people are willing to click it.Never write a vague title without the keywords you are using for the blog post (More on it later!) your blog title is the window to the world to give a sneak

Never write a vague title without the keywords you are using for the blog post (More on it later!) your blog title is the window to the world to give a sneak peek to what you are writing. Use it wisely.

Always keep in mind that your title should not be too short or too long for the search engines.

  • Capture the attention with the introductory paragraph

The buzz created by the headline should be captured by the first or introductory paragraph of your blog post. The first paragraph is the door to your blog post and you must welcome the visitors with warm enthusiasm here.

Remember that the visitors’ attention is short and if your first paragraph does not appeal to them, it is more likely that they will leave immediately.

Keep the first paragraph short and simple. Use only 3-5 lines where you can offer the gist of your blog post. In the following image, this is the first paragraph of my blog post on how to choose the perfect name for your blog. It’s just three lines but anyone who reads the lines should get a clear idea of what the blog post is all about.

  • The amazing first image

A picture says a thousand words. Even if your visitors scroll down your post, catch their attention with an image with your headlines. There is no hard and fast rule of how many images you can put in your blog post. It totally depends upon you. Based on what your topic or niche is, you can add as many images as you want. But the thing that needs attention here is that your images must not slow your site’s speed.

Keep your images fun and bright. Dark images often break the interest of your readers.

  • Main body of a blog post

Another question that often is asked is how long your blog posts should be? It also depends on your topic. You can write short or long blog post given you are writing quality content. The main body of a blog post is the main part which determines the word count.

The main body is the soul of your blog post. Put your main information here.

Do not just write the blog post monotonously. Break the main body into short paragraphs to improve its readability.
Put your main points in points so that even if someone just scans your blog post, they can get the main information quickly.

Add the pinnable image in the main body of your blog post. But what is a pinnable image?

  • Pinnable image

Images are the highlights of any blog post. Pinterest, the visual search engine, and the bookmarking site, uses your blog’s images to offer search results. As Pinterest is the third largest search engine in the world (The first one is Google and the second one is Youtube), you must have a vertical, long image with your blog’s title so that people can search it on Pinterest. Pinnable images are the long, vertical images you see in most of the professional blogs (including mine. Yipee!!)

Pinnable images are the long, vertical images you see in most of the professional blogs (including mine. Yipee!!)

This step gives you the upper hand to be visible in Google Image Search also.

  • Sub headings

As you have already know that you should divide the main body of your blog post in the smaller section, what is a better way than to put sub headings for different sections?

These little bolder lines catch attention quickly and give a boost to your readability. You can also use different font size for them to be highlighted.

Pro tip: Use keywords in your sub headings too.


Your conclusion section should be the end part where you encourage the readers to leave a comment or remark. Be nice to your readers and tell what to expect next in your blog which can help them in future.

Acknowledging your readers is vital to your success. Love your readers and they will reciprocate.

Ultimate Guide to Write a Blog Post: SEO skills for writing a blog post

Whenever an article comes about blogging, it is mentioned that your blog needs to be optimised for SEO. But what is SEO and why it is important to be SEOptimised?

Well, we will go in depth of it today. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a process by which you let the Search Engines like Google to know that your blog has valuable content for the people.

It means SEO is your road to get readers from Google search.

  • Now, how to SEOptimised your blog’s content for Google?

The answer is simple. Use Keywords. Keywords are the terms you use to search something on Google. For example, you need some information on Assamese Recipe. Now you type the word ASSAMESE RECIPE in the Google search bar and a long list of information will be displayed in front of you.Here, the words Assamese Recipe is the keyword and if any blog post is written by using these words will be displayed in the search results.

Here, the words Assamese Recipe is the keyword and if any blog post is written by using these words will be displayed in the search results.

It is important that you write your blog posts centring the term people will type in Google. It is your key to get lots of traffic from Search Engines.

The keyword which you are using to write the blog post should be present in your blog title, sub headings, first paragraph and throughout your main body.

Will discuss how to write a blog post centering on a keyword soon. Stay tuned!

I hope with this ultimate guide to writing killer blog posts, you are now equipped to write amazing content which is SEOworthy, helpful and easy to read.

Use my tips to write your next blog posts and do not forget to share them with me. I would love to share the blog posts on my social channels.
Having any doubt regarding any point in this guide? Feel free to write to me.

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