how to choose your blog name? without regretting.

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Choosing your blog name … A big decision !!

First of all, you have to find a name that you like, and that will represent the content of your blog well, and then you have to make sure that you won’t regret this choice after a while.

Of course, it is always possible to change your name afterward if you are not satisfied with your initial choice but it is not that simple. Building an online business means building a brand and changing the name of your blog without losing your readers will not be an easy task. Not to mention all the Pinterest pins you’ll have to redo to promote your blog?

Taking the time to ask yourself the right questions before validating your choice is therefore a good idea to avoid regretting it after!

In this article, I will first give you a technique to help you find ideas to name your blog and then list the important questions to ask yourself before validating your choice.

Are you ready? Here we go…

How to choose your blog name?

1. Search for words related to the niche of your blog name

If you’re looking for a  blog name, you already have an idea of what you’d like to talk about. Take a piece of paper and write down these topics and related words.

Let’s take an example. You want to make a recipe blog. Write the words “recipes” and “cooking” on your paper and then think of all the words you can associate with these terms. Ingredients, cooking utensils, adjectives to describe the food (“succulent”, “delicious” ……).

Write down everything that goes through your mind, you will be surprised by all the possibilities. Don’t censor yourself. Even if you’re sure you’re not going to use some of these words for your blog, write them down anyway. These words may make you think of other interesting words by association of ideas.

Once you’ve done this, circle the words that mean the most to you.

2. Set the tone of your blog name

Before you start putting the words together to find a name, it is important to define beforehand the tone you want to set for your blog.

Do you want to write your articles in a serious tone? Humorous? Sarcastic?

Don’t forget to take this into account when choosing a name for your blog.

3. Get inspiration from other blogs

I said breathe in! That doesn’t mean copy…

Go to sites that talk more or less about the same subject as your future blog. Look at their names, read some articles… It can give you good ideas you hadn’t thought of!

4. Create your blog name

After all these steps, it’s finally time to get down to business. Take the sheet of paper on which you have written and circle the words you prefer and start writing possible names for your blog. For example, you can associate several words and/or adjectives together.

Write anything that comes to mind even if it doesn’t seem like the perfect noun. One idea, even if imperfect, often leads to another idea later….

Then reread all your ideas thinking about the tone of your blog and its content. Circle the names that mean the most to you. Is one of these names is the name for your blog? If you are not convinced, write new possibilities, surround, eliminate… It can be a long process before you find the right name for your blog. Cheer up!!!

Ask yourself the right questions

Is that all right? You finally found the perfect name for your blog? Are you happy with your choice? I’m glad! But the work isn’t finished yet….. Before validating it, you still have to ask yourself all sorts of questions, especially so that you don’t regret your choice later.

1. Is this blog domain name Available?

First of all, you must obviously make sure that the name you have chosen does not yet exist. To do this, you can go to GoDaddy for example and check that the domain name is not already taken. If this is the case, you’ll have to choose another name….

To buy your domain name, I advice you to buy from Godaddy or Namecheap

I advise you to choose a domain name in .COM, it’s more professional than .NET for example.

If your domain name is available in .COM, don’t forget to check that the domain name doesn’t already exist in .NET or .ORG. If this is the case, it would create a lot of confusion for the readers and it would be better to choose another name for your blog.

2. With or without hyphens?

The current trend is to choose a domain name without hyphens, but it is up to you whether or not to include hyphens in your blog’s name.

However, it is recommended to include hyphens if a word ends with the same letter as the first letter of the next word.
If you want to name your blog for example, it is better to choose the option with hyphens, It will be more readable at first glance.

Also be careful of the double meanings that can happen when you paste several words together! If that was the case, the dashes will be very useful to you to prevent any ambiguity …

3. Length of the blog name?

As with dashes, there is no rule about the length of the name. However, think about the fact that if it is long, it will be harder for readers to remember it.

If the name of your blog is long enough, it can also be a problem when creating your Pinterest pins. When you start your blog, you will soon discover that the best way to promote your articles is to open a professional Pinterest account and create pins.

Will you be able to write your blog name legibly at the bottom of your pins? If not, it might be a good idea to shorten it a bit, it will make your life easier!

4. Is this blog name going to be relevant 10 years from now?

Do you want to change your life and become a successful long-term mompreneur? That’s all I wish you!

When you choose the name of your blog, look ahead to the future. Avoid including “trendy” terms that will probably be obsolete in a few years. Fashion passes, your blog is made to stay!!!!

5. Does my entourage approve of this blog name?

One last thing to do before you definitively approve the name of your blog is to talk to your friends and family. Look at their reaction, are they enthusiastic? Sometimes an outside look is very useful to confirm our choice or on the contrary to point out a defect that we hadn’t thought of.

If your friends and family are not convinced by your choice, they might give you good ideas for another blog name.

And if they are enthusiastic and won over by the name of your blog……..all you have to do is buy your domain name and put your blog online!

I hope that after reading this article, you’ll be able to determine the ideal name for your blog and be sure not to regret it !

And by chance you really can’t find a blog name that satisfies you, you can always use your own name and create a brand around it. A simple choice but one that can work.

Feel free to share with me your blog name in the comments and tell me how you came up with the idea. I’m interested!

And don’t forget to pin this article!

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