Ways How to Do On-Page SEO Optimization Tips.

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We all want to know how to do SEO website more SEO friendly. With on-page SEO optimization tips, then halfway to success has been in sight. By applying this way, our site will be easier in winning the competition from the keywords you want to target.

Currently, some many tools or plugins are provided to help make the site created already follow the rules and conditions according to Google algorithm. If we use self-hosting sites or use a paid domain and hosting, it will be easier to do on-page SEO because of the help of tools or plugins.

But if you have not been able to create a site with your own hosting, you also need not worry. By following the rules and terms in the paid plugin, you also can know how to make the website to be more SEO friendly. See how do you start your own website for free. Well, here are some things to note about how to do SEO and apply on-page SEO optimization tips on your site.

  1. Make a post with the number of words in the article long enough. Citing the practice of Simplified Keyword Derek Thomas, an article with a minimum length of 500 words is considered to be quite long. It can be considered to have an authority that is high enough in the eyes of search engines. The latest Google algorithm also prioritizes sites that have high authority characterized by the length of article posting.
  2. In making postings, place keywords, or keywords that we target at the beginning of the sentence. Of the various premium plugins on-page SEO, nobody has put the keywords on the initial paragraph of our content. This is often misunderstood the bloggers. So, that is important in the first sentence.
  3. Keyword or keywords in the article should be given bold, italic, and underline at least marking once. Which keywords will be marked, no matter can be started, in the middle, or in the final paragraph of the article.
  4. Build a structure that includes H1, H2, and H3 from the targeted keywords in your post. For H1, no problem because it is in the post title. As for H2, we can make subtitle of the article, while H3 can be taken from the image included in the article.

5 Tips on SEO Keyword Optimization

A very important first step when creating a website is keyword research so you can build SEO keyword optimization. In some previous posts, the admin has also alluded to this. How important the keywords will be the direction in building a site. Without doing research in advance, there will be many potential failures that are facing. Conversely, with keyword research, at least half the victory is in sight.

But on this occasion, we are not talking about how to do keyword research, but on how SEO keyword optimization applied when we create a website, as seen in some of the things below.

1. Cultivate Keywords on Each Article Title

Google crawling or crawling of a site is done from top to bottom. With the web structure of the title or blog name, article title, content, to footer. Therefore placing keywords in each article title will play an important role in the optimization process of a site.

Try also the length of the article title no more than 70 characters because Google will not count the rest. When creating a website, use an SEO friendly template where H1 tags automatically display the title of the article on the single page appearance of your site.

2. Enter Keywords In The Beginning Sentence On Content

Google typically indexes the content of a site in the first 160 characters. Just try to prove it in Google search results, then the sentence in the range of the number of characters that will be indexed. You do not have to put the keyword at the beginning of the sentence and try to connect keywords in natural sentences that must still be readable. See more how to google SEO optimize your website

3. Give Keyword Alerts with Style Bold (B), Italic (I), and Underline (U)

There is an SEO master who says that BIU (bold-italic-underline) is no longer considered Google. But the name of Google, there’s nothing wrong we do because the symbol will tell the search engine that there is something important in it, the keyword. Keep the mark given each once with a location that spreads on all the contents of the article.

4. Measure Keyword Density

Keyword density refers to the frequency or number of keywords that appear in an article. Therefore when creating a website, try to generate keywords appear in every paragraph or at least between 3 to 5 times, depending on the length of your writing.

5. Create an article with a minimum length of 500 words

The most recent Google algorithm prioritizes authority sites as a benchmark for the quality of a site. In a quality site, post articles must be long. Well, in creating a website, we should write an article with SEO keyword optimization and a length of at least 500 words to show the authority of your site.

That’s some important things how to make on-page SEO friendly website and applied SEO optimization tips to be more taken into account by search engines.

On-Page SEO Optimization Tips

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