Ways How to Google SEO Optimize Your Website With Easy

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One way how to SEO optimize your website on Google to earn money easily that you need to pay attention to aspects of SEO (search engine optimization). This optimization process should be done from the beginning before you create a blog. With proper planning, steps to earn money through blogs will become easier.

As the internet develops very quickly, there are many ways to choose to earn money over the internet. Especially with a large number of internet users, then the available market is very tempting. Currently, only the number of internet users recorded reached a number of about 40 million more people.

Interestingly, the ever-conducting business transactions over the internet account for more than half the number of such users.

That is the picture of the magnitude of opportunities that can be achieved through blogs. So how to build a website or create a blog to earn money? See more how to create your own online store website. Here are some things you should consider in the optimization process.

1. Do keyword research to get the right keywords. Many SEO masters say that keyword research determines half your success in running an online business. That’s why keyword research can not be underestimated and must be done from the beginning before you create a blog. But if you are hard to do how to optimize a website for SEO, just buy from SEO service providers in various online forums.

2. Choose a quality domain and hosting. Domain on the keyword (KOD) or create keyword-based domains is the right choice and choose a dot com domain as this will greatly support the optimization process later.

3. Create content according to the type of online business you want. If you want to earn money from Google AdSense programs, then you should create quality content with unique and useful articles for visitors. With on-page SEO techniques or optimization on blogs, it is the best SEO optimized website that would be easier to win the competition against the targeted keywords. But if you want to play affiliate programs, like Amazon or Clickbank, then you need to get support from a strong backlink and quality.

Google Optimize Website and Make SEO Friendly Site

You want to know how google optimize a website and how to make a website SEO friendly? Why is SEO friendly so important in the world of blogging? As you know, the goal of each person in making blogs, of course, varies. If you just know about blogs, maybe you will use more blogs as a medium to accommodate any idea. But for a long time playing blogging would want to take more enormous benefits again.

But whatever the purpose of people in creating a blog, of course, hope that created blog will be visited and read by other internet users. One way for blogs to get a lot of traffic or traffic is to do the optimization. Well, in this google optimize website process, the role of SEO is very important and needs to get attention and handling seriously.

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique to assist the optimization process in boosting the performance of blogs to more easily in winning the competition. But how to build a website optimized, two types of optimizations can be done in this SEO process, that are:

1. Optimization Through On-Page SEO

This optimization is done from within the blog itself. In handling on-page optimization, there are a number of parts that need to be optimized, namely the theme or template, as well as the content of the article. To use themes or templates that are SEO friendly, you can buy the type of premium that is generally already organized in SEO. So also how to make blogs more optimized in terms of content must be unique, quality, and not copypaste.

2. Optimization Through Off-Page SEO

Offpage SEO Optimization is done by looking for quality backlinks. Backlinks can be obtained through blogs or similar sites or from web forums, wikis, and various other websites. There are many types of backlinks that can be searched to support the performance of your blog to compete with other similar blogs. However, Google’s backlinks are favored by Google is a backlink from a website that one topic or the same niche, has a high PageRank, and do-follow.

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By optimizing these two things, then the targeted keyword will be more improved quality, so it is expected to be on the first page (page one) of the search results. That’s a bit of information on how to SEO optimize your website and get lots of visitors.
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