The challenge is building those backlinks. Most of us don’t want to have to spend a ton of time on it, but you have to do something to do if you want traffic.

1. Everyone’s favorite – sites linking to you on their own initiative

We all love getting links we didn’t ask for or make any specific effort to get. Links that come about just because you provide content that’s just that good are wonderful. They’re usually pretty good quality too.

They’re usually the hardest to get. The internet doesn’t really live by “build it and they will come” no matter how many of us would like it to be otherwise. People have to be noticing your site already in order to choose to link to it.

2.Build Backlinks by Blog commenting

Commenting on other blogs is one of the easiest ways to get links back to your site. That’s why you get so many spam comments on most blog posts. For those who don’t want to do the actual work of intelligent blog commenting, there’s software that will do it for them.

If you want a good reputation for your site, stick with doing the blog commenting on your own. Nothing wrong with using tools to help you find blogs, but have something to say that’s more than “great post” or similarly basic comments. Add to the discussion. You probably shouldn’t link within the comment to your own site – use the URL field for that.

Don’t overdo it on keywords in the Name field or within your comment either. Many bloggers either delete or hit the spam key on comments that have only a keyword and no real human name. Using your name, a hyphen and then keyword is okay on many blogs but not all of them.

3. Build Backlinks by Forum participation

Some forums are really useful for driving traffic to your website. Not all of them, however. You want to check for things such as whether you can have a link to your business website in your signature, and if you can occasionally link to your site if it is highly relevant to the discussion. Knowing these rules can keep you from being banned quickly from the forums. If you can’t at least have a signature link, you probably won’t get enough from the forum to spend your time on it.

Just as with blog commenting, keep it intelligent and have something to say. “I agree” and similar responses may get your post count up, but they won’t draw a picture of an authority on the subject or draw people to click on your signature links.

4. Article marketing

Article marketing takes many forms and recently took quite a hit from Google. Many article directories don’t do nearly so well in Google as they used to. Given that many people use only article directories in their article marketing efforts, you do have to consider if it’s time to change your tactics.

There are more places than article directories to do your article marketing, however. You can contact people who run ezines, website owners and bloggers directly to see if they’d take an article from you. Some will take reruns from your site while others will require original content. You have to decide when original is worth it. If the site is a good one with a lot of traffic you can get quite a healthy boost, making original content worth it. Just make sure you can create something relevant to the site your submitting your article to as well as to your own site to have the best chance at acceptance and to make the most of any traffic generated.

You can also use Open Office or other programs to change your documents to PDF format and submit them to sites such as Scribd and Docstoc. Make sure your links remain intact in your PDFs before uploading them.

5. Build Backlinks by Creating a video

Not everyone thinks of link building when they consider making a video about their business, but it’s a possibility. Sites such as YouTube allow you to place a link in the description of your video. Make it relevant to the video content to have it as relevant as possible.

Videos don’t have to feature you as a talking head. You can use screen capture software to demonstrate something on your computer. You can make a video that is essentially a slide show, and either talk over it about the slides or keep it quiet.

Don’t stress about not being comfortable making videos at first. It’s new to most of us. You will get better with practice.

6.Build link wheels.

Now this one can be a bit controversial. Some say Google doesn’t like it and will penalize you if they catch you at it. Others say it’s worth the risk and neener, neener, Google won’t catch them anyhow. You decide if it’s worth the risk before building link wheels to promote your site.

The premise isn’t so different from article marketing in some ways. Rather than using article directories or submitting articles to ezines and other website owners, you create little sites that all point to your own properties. You use sites such as Blogger and other sites that allow you to create your own pages that you can edit at will.

They’re called link wheels because each page links to your site and to the next site on the wheel. Some eventually close the wheel; others do not. People like having control and being able to edit their link wheel pages at need, a big benefit when something changes with your business.

7.Build Backlinks by Social bookmarking and media

You know, social media sites of all sorts have become popular for a reason. If you aren’t taking advantage by now, you need to start doing so. In particular, you need to figure out if there’s a site where you get access to your target audience and build a presence there. Facebook and Twitter are some of the big names, but check for sites more relevant to your niche.

Don’t forget the more basic social bookmarking sites. You don’t get much link juice from any of the social bookmarking or media sites, but the right one will bring traffic simply by giving your target audience another place to discover you.

If you haven’t been doing a lot of link building for your sites, start with just one link building technique and get comfortable with it before adding another. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself or feel the process is too frustrating. Always remember that your most linkable content is your best quality content, so focus on the things that should do the best.