How to Make Money Writing? Advices For Moms.

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Writing is a basic skill that 76 % of the world’s population learns in elementary school. But only a minority of this 76 % knows how to make money writing. Wait; don’t get depressed on reading this. I just said that only a few are blessed with this knowledge. I did not say that you could not acquire this knowledge.

Writing Has Always Been My Passion

As all of my regular readers already know, writing has always been my passion since school days. My school essays were a huge hit amongst the students and teachers as well, even during elementary school. Well, my choice of profession was in no way related to my passion and I finally ended up studying medicine; got a PG degree in Alternative Medicine and became a licensed doctor as well.

Years went by and I was actually happy treating, counseling and watching my dear patients heal from a variety of chronic health conditions and addictions. 13 years went by treating patients and teaching medical students and junior doctors. If you thought that I forgot about writing in these 13 years, then you are mistaken. I wrote a lot of medical articles, created study materials for my students and found time to take part in a lot of fiction writing competitions as well.

Time for Change

In year 2008, my dear hubby got a job in the Middle East and I was torn between two tough decisions. I had the option of staying back in India with my twin kids while continuing my medical practice there or I could chuck everything for love and join my hubby in a strange, orthodox country in the Middle East. Well, I am a confirmed romantic and I did choose to be with my love.

All of a sudden I was uprooted from my homeland. Here I was in the midst of unfamiliar people, unfamiliar customs and unfamiliar language. I did try to start my medical practice here, but soon found out that the rules and regulations for getting a license to practice medicine for expatriates were a bit tedious and the process quite time consuming.

Loads of Free Time

To cut a long story short, I did have a lot of free time on my hands, and that was quite indigestible for me since I had never ever spent more than a month of my entire life in leisure until then. At first I certainly was discouraged and wanted to go back to India and start my medical practice again. But then, sanity prevailed and my hubby encouraged me to utilize my free time on the internet.

Writing Can Earn Money

In the beginning, I used to surf and read a lot on various subjects. But then I realized that I could very well put my writing skills to good use and also make money in the process. To be honest, my intention was to just find something worthwhile to do with my free time and I was not bothered about getting paid or compensated in return.

All I wanted was to see my writing skills being put to some good use. I was actually quite new to the concept of making money online. Call me naïve, but for the first few months I did not even believe that people would pay to get informative content for their websites.

But after I got familiar with the way online markets work, I realized that I could make money writing as a freelancer.

Success with Freelance Writing Projects

Soon I ventured into freelance writing and within a short time got an awesome response from my clients. I had registered with many freelance writing sites and I was jumping to top 1 % amongst 550,000- 750,000 other freelance writers on all of them. Though most of my initial freelance writing assignments were related to health and medicine, I did not limit myself to these niches.

I read and learnt a lot about other niches as well and soon gained the ability to write authoritatively on almost any topic under the sun. I was so glad that I was learning new things with each new day. Clients were reluctant to assign non-medical writing projects to me in the beginning but I quickly proved my versatility to them.

Continuous Quest for Knowledge

No matter how good my freelance writing career was getting and how consistently I was able to make money writing, there was one thing I never stopped doing. I never stopped learning new things and this is the only talent that I attribute to my success in everything that I achieved over the years. At first I was raw in my writing and did not know how to personalize my writing to suit the diverse requirements of my various clients.

I did not realize that articles, website copy, product reviews, eBooks, reports and blog posts all needed a specific style of writing. So I limited myself to writing only for those clients that liked my style of writing (which was basically like informative content).

But continuous learning helped me branch out more and within just a month’s time of starting my freelance writing career I was an expert at modifying my style of writing according to specs mentioned by the clients.

Learning about SEO and Keyword Usage

I repeatedly kept seeing writing projects that asked for knowledge of SEO and keyword optimization on all of the freelance writing sites. When I first encountered the term SEO, I checked it out in the search engines and understood that it related to optimizing your content for the search engines. But I did not go any further than that, and I kept ignoring projects that asked for SEO skills.

Then I realized that if I needed to make money writing online, then it was necessary to learn the tricks and techniques of writing for the web. Though it all sounded like some exotic language at first, I did manage to learn all about SEO and keyword usage. Doing this broadened my client base and I started getting more and more writing projects that obviously paid better than non-SEO writing.


I will not claim that I make millions of dollars each month from my freelance writing business, but I do earn thousands of dollars each month and that too from all 3 of the freelance writing websites that I work from. You too can take clues from me to learn how to make money writing. Actually I encourage everyone that I meet to learn from my experiences and develop their own techniques to make money writing. It is necessary to learn from others who have travelled the path before us, because doing so shortens our learning curve and we can go directly to the benefits without having to endure the pitfalls. 

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