Tips to Progress Your Business with Local SEO in 2020

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Local SEO in 2020: How to Dominate in Local Search Ranking?

Search engine ranking is more important for small businesses as it is for large businesses. Small businesses often have additional concerns because they need to target local searches. With 2016 in its infancy, now is the time to revamp any problems with your online presence to help improve visibility and increase revenue. Don’t wait, your competition is getting greater as more and more companies now understand the need for ongoing SEO and Social Media and have placed Line items within their budgets to pay for this type of advertising now, unlike even 5 years ago.

Optimize For Mobile- PERIOD

Many small businesses continue to allow their website to fall by the wayside. If you have not considered an overhaul of your website, now is the time. You need to make sure your website is usable for both traditional and mobile traffic. Having a responsive website is not always enough to ensure visitors have the best experience.

You may need to change other components of your website to ensure fonts, graphics, and video is viewable, even when it is scaled down for the mobile user. Also make sure your contact information, menus, and other interactive aspects of your website are easy to use on mobile platforms. Periodically check all links on your website to make sure they are not broken. Not only can broken links affect search engine ranking, but they can also ruin a visitor’s experience.

Use Geo-Specific Information

Consider adding or configuring your content to include location-specific information. If users are searching for relevant businesses in your area, having information that pops up in search engines as being from the local area can increase visibility. For example, if your business has worked with other businesses in the area or participated in community events, this is a great way to mention location-specific information.

Including the full mailing address of your business on your website can increase local visibility. If your business is located in a city that is part of a larger metro area, find ways to strategically include this information. Internet users may not search for a business in your specific city, but they may search for a business within the larger metro area. You do not want your business to be overlooked for something simple.

Other bits of information that can affect an internet user’s ability to find a local business are zip codes and area codes. It is not uncommon for internet users to search for a business based on these pieces of information. By making sure you have covered all your bases on your website, you will likely catch any relevant location searches matching your business.

Get Social Seo Company For Reputation

No matter how you slice it, social media is imperative for being noticed on the internet. There are ways to increase your presence without becoming overburdened by multiple social media platforms. First, consider the various social media platforms and rank them based on the most frequently used in general and which ones are most applicable to your customer demographic.

For example, Social Media Site List like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Stumbleupon, and Instagram are widely popular. When possible, you want to try to have an active presence on each of these social media platforms. However, if you have to narrow down your selection, you may need to focus on your customer demographics. If your business serves professionals, you may find Facebook and Twitter are more useful than Instagram.

Furthermore, many business professionals often use Google+ and LinkedIn to market themselves and show off their resumes. It is better to hone in on a few social media sites and remain active than to have an account with each one, but your accounts are abandoned. Consider investing in social media scheduling software to maintain your accounts.
By scheduling posts, you will feel less overwhelmed with managing multiple social media accounts and are more likely to keep your business pages active. Scheduling also allows you to prepare posts well in advance and spend more time interacting with the people who post on your page. Interacting with your customers and the community you are trying to build is equally as important as creating social media accounts.

There is nothing wrong with bartering for help to improve your online presence. If you have other local businesses in your area that are not your direct competition and have done well with their internet presence, talk to them. Mention about your business on their website or social media accounts may help boost your visibility. If you can work together on a common goal and each stand something to gain from the experience, the other business is more likely to offer assistance.

For example, if your business does printing, you may want to offer a popular local restaurant a revamp of their menu in exchange for a mention that the work was done by your business. Since their business may be considered more authoritative than yours, backlinking may also help boost your rankings and visibility online, but remember Quality above quantity and in your niche is even better…

Update Information

You may be surprised at the number of small business that is virtually invisible in business listing. A major key to increasing your visibility and the likelihood of anyone looking for a local business will find yours is making sure all your information is available in listings. Do a quick search for the major business listings and find out which ones internet users most commonly use. Make sure your information is correct if it is there at all.

Fill out all your information to the best of your ability. Many small businesses rely only on the business listing for people to find them but neglect the importance of having a website to add to their listing. When given the option of several similar businesses in a listing, people will be much more interested in one with a website. If people have to call or visit a physical location to find out the information they are looking for, they are less likely to follow through with their intentions.

A search engine ranking strategy is always a moving target. Use the new year to implement new or improved strategies to boost your business. With consistent effort, you should see important progress in the visibility of your online presence.

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